Our research background

e-Phytopathology – the plant diseases definition service with provision of practical recommendations from our research center team in written advisory opinion documents form.

e-Phytopathology is the achievement in plant pathology became possible by digitization, streamlining and analysis of the data came from the long-term experience of Green Clinic SRC (“Green Clinic” Scientific Research Centre of Plant Health and Ecosystem Planning) from Kyiv, Ukraine. The experience is obtained along all the years of the centre’s scientific and practical work on the development of ecosystem phytopathology (plant pathology) knowledge and development of practical solutions for corporate and private clients covering their needs in smart plant protection. Being combined with the best practices of GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ, the Estonian research company specialized also in the development of applied biology electronic solutions, for Green Clinic SRC was opened a new level of borderless international scientific and practical cooperation worldwide.

The location in Ukraine with it’s highly-educated workforce at affordability of resources allows the research center to complete the great job remaining unbeatable by prices and quality.

With the amazing international research team standing behind the project and high-end author’s software with the vast library and preliminary automatic AI based analysis of images, we are providing maybe the best quality and productivity currently available. Proceed to get it started and you will stay with us for sure.